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Tuesday, 24 July 2007
Character Profiles!
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Here are some profiles of the characters!

Inuyasha-Sama is a hanyou, (a half demon). His mother was a beautiful human, and his dad was a powerful dog-demon. He has a full-demon brother named Sesshomaru whom he hates very much, and he is madly in love with two girls: Kagome, a school girl, and Kikyou, a dead priestest that was brought back to life. Inuyasha was pinned to a tree by a magical arrow for 50 YEARS by Kikyou because Naraku turned them against eachother. Inuyasha's temper goes off easily, and he has a low amount of patience. But fortunatly, he wears a scarced necklace that makes him sit head first into the ground whenever Kagome says: "Sit boy!" Inuyasha is 18 years old, NOT including the 50 years he spend, trapped to that tree. Lucky for him Kagome pulled out the arrow!


Kagome, an average, 15 years old girl. Until she got pulled into the well, thus, brought her back 500 years ago. That's when she meets Inuyasha, a half demon, pinned to a tree. In the action of being attacked by a demon, Kagome freed Inuyasha in order to save herself and the village from the awful demon. Kagome falls in love with Inuyasha, and follows him on his journey to collect the broken pieces of the Shikon Jewl. Kagome's weapons are a bow and arrow. Kagome is the recardination of the priesstess, Kikyou. Kagome has three best friends whom are EXTREMELY pushy when it comes to Kagome and her "bad two-timer boyfriend", Inuyasha. Kagome cares for almost EVERYTHING, and she'salways sunny and energic, but when it comes to her friends' saftey, Kagome is willing to do anything!


Sesshomeru, Inuyasha's half-brother, is a full demon unlike Inuyasha. Sesshomeru's age is unknown, for he has lived LONGGGGGG before Inuyasha was born. He hates Inuyasha, but in some of the episodes, Sesshomeru shows care fro his little brother, which is rare, since Sesshomeru is a cold and emotional demon. The only emotion he shows, is anger. Other then Inuyasha, Sesshomeru cares also for a little girl named Rin, who saved his life by healing him and feeding him the villager's food. Rin got beatened often because of it, but the favor was returned after Sesshomeru saved Rin's life. Perhapes Sesshomeru's most interesting feature is the fact that his left arm is missing. That happened becasue Inuyasha cut his arm off in a fight for their father's sword, the "Tetsusaiga", a powerful sword that can wipe out about 100 demons with one swipe.


Shippo is a little fox-demon. He's about 7-8 years old. His father died and skinned by the Thunder Brothers. Since Inuyasha and Kagome helped get revenge on the Thunder Brothers, Shippo has been joining their travels. Shippo can transform into almost everything. Shippo is cheerful and helpful too. He loves Kagomelike an other sister, and does almost everything he can to get her and Inuyasha's relationship stronger.




This is Kirara, Sango's "cat" demon! When she is a harmless little kitten, she lookscute and cuddlely. But when Kirara's tranforming, shelooks big and firece! She grows fangs, and has two tails. She is the group's transportation device, since she is able to fly.




Sango, a demon slayer who is in search of the scarced jewl shards because of her little brother whom is currently under controll by Naraku, a evil demon. She wants more then anything for him to be free once more. Sango's age is around 16-17, and she's madly in love with Miroku, the monk. Sango plans to have a life with him.


Meet Miroku, the woman-loving monk. Miroku goes around asking woman if they'd: "Have my children?". But when it comes to Naraku, Miroku's serious. Naraku was the one that stabb his grandfather's hand, creating a wind tunnel that could suck up almost everything, trees, animals, demons, and someday, himself, UNLESS he finds the shikon jewl and defeats Naraku. Miroku's weapons are his magical staff and his wind tunnel.


The once character in the show I hate, is Naraku. Naraku is capable of giving birth to thousands of demons, since he is made up of them.Naraku used to be a badly burnt guy, whom was healed by Kikyou. He feel for her, and offered his body to demons in return of a healthy and strong body to win Kikyou back from. But Naraku soon became evil, and killed everything in his path.

Posted by inuyashainfo411 at 4:06 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007 6:09 AM EDT
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